Airgun shooting accuracy tests - uploaded by visitors

Hello, my name is Igor, I am an airgun- and shooting sport fan. What is the primary aim of the air rifle or air pistol? To shoot and hit the target = the accuracy. The internet and youtube is full of so called accuracy tests, but most of them are not comperable. What is the use of accuracy test like "I hit the coin placed at the end of my backyard 3 times out of 5". So I decided to make a site where accuracy test is numerically defined, and user can do very similar test and upload the results. If shooting is realized under similar circumstances, it can be comparable with other accuracy test results.

In my country (Hungary) 7.5 Joule of muzzle energy is the limit by law for air guns, so even the 50-meter test is very difficult. If there will be requests, I'll add longer distances, but I'm counting on the help of foreign air rifle fans (with higher limit of muzzle energy). Should I add 75 or 100 meters?

If you have any air gun, please, do the test and upload your results here. It is free! This is not a competition, be precise as much as possible, and follow the instructions on Help page. Registration is not needed, but every submit is moderated before appears on site.

Metric and imperial units are supported, so you can measure the accuracy in centimetre or inch, both are supported by upload form.