How to do the accuracy test of your air gun

On this page, I would like to explain how to do the accuracy test of your gun. Remember, this is not a competition. This is accuracy test of your air gun (not yours or your scope, red dot precision etc.).

What will you need for this accuracy test?

  • Air rifle or air pistol
  • 20 pellets
  • 4 shooting targets
  • Ruler or measure tape
  • 10, 25 or 50 m distance from target
  • comfortable weapon support or shooting rest (Don't shoot from standing position)

Ready? OK, let's start:

• Measure the distance

Measure the distance from airgun (from standing position) to target, the optional distances are: 10, 25 or 50 meters. You can upload all 3 test if you want to..

Avoid days for testing with strong wind. Recommended optimal temperature is: 15-25°C (=59-77°F).

Conversion table (approximate values):
10 meters ≈ 11 yards = 33 feet
25 meters ≈ 27 yards = 82 feet
50 meters ≈ 55 yards = 164 feet
Above values are rounded to the nearest whole number (yard or foot). Exact values of conversion you can find at Meter to yard and meter to foot.

• Always aim to same spot and be accurate as much as possible

We would like to find out accuracy of your air gun (not yours). This means that you must reduce human error in shooting as much as possible. Use scope or red dot and shooting rest. Aim always to same point. Don't worry if your shoots are not in center, we are curious of your gun accuracy (not of your scope or red dot).

Shooting spread


Standing position

Weapon support

Red dot or scope



Standing position

Weapon support

Scope or red dot

• Shoot 5x and measure the spread

Shoot 5 times (target always to same point) and measure the horizontal and vertical spread (you can use cm or inch, both are supported in upload form). Example:

Always measure from center of holes.
Change the target paper and repeat this five times. This means you will need 4x5=20 pellets and 4 shooting targets.

Notice: If grouping is small, it is hard to see the center of holes. In this case, you can measure outer edge of grouping (B) and substract the caliber:

Examples: if outer size of grouping is 3" (=7.6 mm) and used caliber is .177 (=4.5 mm):

7.6 mm - 4.5 mm = 3.1 mm = 0.31 cm

or in inch: 3" - 0.177" = 2,82"

• Upload the results

When you finished the shooting, take a photo of your air gun and upload the result of the accuracy test. Mandatory fields are marked with (**).

Thank you for your help and time for doing the test. Have fun and be precise!